Semalt Shares 5 Essential Plugin Types Every WordPress Site Needs

WordPress is the most famous and best content management system and offers unrivaled flexibility to both beginners and experts. It is easy to use and can be used to create both basic and advanced websites. Even if you are not a professional web developer, you can use WordPress to create professional sites. It has loads of themes and plugins to choose from, but the most amazing and essential plugin types are described below by Ryan Johnson from Semalt.

Security plugins:

The security against bots and hackers should be the top priority of any webmaster these days. You must keep something in place to thwart the normal attacks. Thankfully, there are some basic and advanced plugins to ensure your safety on the internet. Wordfence is one of the best and most useful plugins to date. It helps protect your website and is available for both free and paid versions. This plugin aims to be your all-in-one-security solution and can easily block the block brute-force attacks and country-specific login attempts.

Data backup plugins:

Most of the hosting companies keep backups for their customers, but we cannot depend on them due to privacy concerns. If you don't want to be in a position of losing your data, you should install a backup plugin in WordPress as soon as possible. The most famous plugin you can try is Backup Buddy. It is an incredibly easy tool that lets you schedule the weekly, daily and monthly backups. It has the ability to save your files online and offline, and the major advantage of this plugin is that its subscription fee is only $70. This lets you store files of up to 1GB. And if you want a free plugin, you may try BackWPup.

Search engine optimization plugins:

If you want to attract lots of people to your site and want it to optimize for the search engine results, you must try the search engine optimization plugins in WordPress. SEO or search engine optimization is important to draw people to your websites, and you can use different plugins to get the things done. WordPress SEO by Yoast is the best and most accurate plugin. It is a comprehensive solution to all your SEO-related problems. It helps you insert SEO title, description, keywords, and meta tags to your web pages easily and saves a lot of time.

Social media plugins:

The social media sites have revolutionized the ways we share articles on the internet and have become an integral part of the world wide web. For the majority of websites, driving traffic from social media is easy, and you can take advantage of the social media plugins. The Share Buttons by AddToAny is a comprehensive and widely used plugin. It is customizable and lets you share content on social media sites easily. You may also try Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress which has dozens of options and features to get benefited from.

Analytics plugins:

If you want to monitor the quality of your website traffic, you may prefer using Google Analytics. However, if you want more accurate and instant reports, you should install a WordPress plugin as early as possible. Google Analytics is by far the best analytics solution online. It is free and instant to integrate with your WordPress site. You can track all the links, get real-time insights and perform A/B testing using this program.